Artist Spotlight: iSH

I came across this great new artist the other day named iSH. I’m really glad I found him, and I’m actually very surprised that he hasn’t blown up by now. Not only does iSH make awesome music, but his song Rollin’ was featured on CTV’s coverage of the 2012 London Olympics and Coca-Cola’s “Move to the Beat.” Clearly, iSH has huge talent, and I hope he makes it soon, because he really deserves it. iSH has the ability to make catchy, upbeat radio songs, and he can also slow it down to make raw, emotional tracks. His lyrics and flow are insane on any kind of song, and he makes music that appeals to basically everyone. iSH’s versatility is part of what makes him such an incredible artist, and I encourage everyone to support him on his journey. For some reason I get the feeling that iSH just loves making music, and anyone like that who can also make music as good as iSH’s definitely deserves to blow up. Please check out iSH as many ways as you like below.







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