Same Thing (feat. Nick Gray) [prod. Cam Meekins] – Cam Meekins


Cam Meekins dropped this new song yesterday to celebrate his performance at Brighton Music Hall in Boston. Cam produced the beat himself, and I’m really feeling it. It has summer written all over it, and how can you not love that as it’s starting to get warm? Cam’s lyrics, which go out to that girl who “ain’t like all them other girls,” are also sick as usual. The song features another artist named Nick Gray, who I’ve never heard of before. His verse is also fresh though, and it goes well with Cam’s rapping and chorus. I’ll probably be checking out Nick Gray’s other music over the next couple days. Check back next Tuesday for a new music video from Cam, but in the mean time listen to Same Thing below.

Listen on SoundCloud:


4 thoughts on “Same Thing (feat. Nick Gray) [prod. Cam Meekins] – Cam Meekins

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