I Must Confess (prod. TGsoundz) [ILLogicalHipHop Premiere] – BreadNwater

BreadNwater dropped this new song last week, and it’s awesome. I Must Confess is a love ballad, and it’s really sad that for that reason some people will probably write the song off as “soft.” Music should have feeling and meaning to it, and BreadNwater’s emotion is obvious with every word he spits. The slow beat, produced by TGsoundz, perfectly complements the song’s message. The song really shows BreadNwater’s progression as an artist, and it just leaves me wanting more from him. Be sure to download the track below.

Download I Must Confess: https://soundcloud.com/breadnwater/breadnwater-i-must-confess


One thought on “I Must Confess (prod. TGsoundz) [ILLogicalHipHop Premiere] – BreadNwater

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