Dreams & Nightmares (Music Video) – Nile Ross

I found this song from Nile Ross yesterday, and it is fire. The track is about Nile’s struggle to be recognized for the awesome music he makes. He really says it best with the description he wrote for the music video:

“Thank you to everyone whos given me courage to make this music my dream. This song is important to me because it completely tells where I am right now in my career and how no one can tell me anything different anymore about who I am. Also it shows how close I am with my VAV Crew and how you friendship is what keeps you grounded in this industry.”

Nile definitely gets this point across with his on point lyrics, and the production is solid. I would love to compare Nile’s sound to some other great rapper, but his style is very unique and is really his own. He also got a sweet music video courtesy of Cory Davis. Don’t forget to download Dreams & Nightmares here, and stay on the lookout for more great music from Nile to come. In the meantime, check out Nile and his Victory After Victory squad at victoryaftervictory.com.


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