Let Nas Down (Remix) [feat. Nas] – J. Cole

I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw this. The original Let Nas Down, was my favorite song on Born Sinner and I have already seen talk of that becoming one of the classic hip-hop songs of our generation. This response from Nas is also great, and in my opinion further cements the importance and greatness of the original. Nas raps about his own journey coming up, and advises Cole to create his own lane, not follow the footsteps of any other rapper. I’ll be listening to both this remix and the original for a long time.


Jodeci Freestyle (feat. J. Cole) – Drake


Drake and Cole dropped off this boastful track yesterday. For anyone who doesn’t know, Jodeci was a band in the 1980s, and women used to go crazy over the band members. So, naturally Drizzy and Cole spit about the women they get, as well as their wealth and overall superiority compared to other rappers. Cole definitely deserves to brag after Born Sinner sold far above its initial first-week projections. This track also proves that while Drake might be better known for his bangers at this point in his career, he can still bring it lyrically. Check out the track below.

Listen to Jodeci Freestyle: http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/drake-jodeci-freestyle-song.1438063.html

My Thoughts on Yeezus


As this is a hip-hop blog, I feel like I need to address Yeezus, since it is obviously a huge deal to the rap game. However, I will not write a usual post about Yeezus, because my usual posts deal with music that I like. I do not like Yeezus. I found the album absolutely horrible. First of all, it only has ten tracks, which is weak considering Kanye has not released a solo album since 2010. Secondly, and more importantly, it simply does not have the usual lyricism and meaning that Kanye has been able to deliver in the past. Yes, New Slaves is meaningful. But outside of that one song, it sounds like an album any mainstream rapper could make. The beats sound like dubstep, and I think that might be why supporters are trying to say the album is “new age” hip-hop. In my opinion, people who call the album futuristic just don’t want to admit that Kanye dropped a bad album. Maybe from another artist an album of this quality would be acceptable, but from someone as traditionally great as Kanye, it was ten tracks of pure disappointment. Sorry for the rant.

Born Sinner (Album) – J. Cole


I’m a few days late on this one but it seemed like the perfect post to make my comeback to the blog. Born Sinner is nothing short of a masterpiece. Unlike on his debut album, Cole was not under pressure from his label to make commercial tracks. Able to make the deep music that he does best, Cole delivered the album of the year to this point. Born Sinner sees Cole contemplate the state of rap, the problems facing our nation, and above all his own feelings since releasing Cole World: The Sideline Story. He went through a very dark period after dropping his last album, saying he feels as if he essentially sold his soul to the devil in the hopes of making money and radio music. The dark tone of the album matches his feelings, and it is one of the most emotional and meaningful projects I have ever heard. I know I said this above, but I don’t know how to describe the album other than “masterpiece.” It should go down as a classic, and Cole says that Born Sinner marks the beginning of his prime. If this is the beginning, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Buy Born Sinner on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/born-sinner-deluxe-version/id651105499

Niggaz Know – J. Cole


J. Cole dropped off this new song late last night. It’s unclear whether this will appear on Born Sinner or if it is just a gift to fans, but this definitely made me even more excited to hear the album. Cole rhymes on a solid beat, brining some of the realest lyrics in the game as usual. I like that he seems to have a chip on his shoulder about Cole World: The Sideline Story underselling. If Born Sinner is anything like this, it should sell tons of copies. Check out the track below and the album on June 18.

Listen on HotNewHipHop: http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/j-cole-niggaz-know-song.1403017.html

Ballin (Remix) [ILLogicalHipHop Premiere] – Breadnwater

Breadnwater recently released this remix to Ballin, one of the bangers on Logic’s Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever. The beat was produced by Arthur McArthur, and its fast pace forced Breadnwater to speed it up, too. He does it with ease, though, spitting absolute fire. You have to listen to this one a couple times to catch everything Breadnwater says, and it’s definitely worth many listens. Not many rappers should try to remix a Logic song, but Breadnwater’s version of Ballin rivals Logic’s original.

Over Dinner – The King’s Dead


They may not be The Dean’s List anymore, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still make awesome music. Today, The King’s Dead let go of Over Dinner, a single that will appear on their upcoming project, Revenge of The Beast. Sonny Shotz brought his usual lyricism, and I’m really feeling the beat, too. Check it out below. Revenge of the Beast is set to drop on June 11.

Listen on HotNewHipHop: http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/the-kings-dead-over-dinner-song.1398618.html