My Thoughts on Yeezus


As this is a hip-hop blog, I feel like I need to address Yeezus, since it is obviously a huge deal to the rap game. However, I will not write a usual post about Yeezus, because my usual posts deal with music that I like. I do not like Yeezus. I found the album absolutely horrible. First of all, it only has ten tracks, which is weak considering Kanye has not released a solo album since 2010. Secondly, and more importantly, it simply does not have the usual lyricism and meaning that Kanye has been able to deliver in the past. Yes, New Slaves is meaningful. But outside of that one song, it sounds like an album any mainstream rapper could make. The beats sound like dubstep, and I think that might be why supporters are trying to say the album is “new age” hip-hop. In my opinion, people who call the album futuristic just don’t want to admit that Kanye dropped a bad album. Maybe from another artist an album of this quality would be acceptable, but from someone as traditionally great as Kanye, it was ten tracks of pure disappointment. Sorry for the rant.


Unreleased 2001 Demo Tape – Kanye West


Any new music from Kanye is a gift, but nothing compares to new old Kanye music. This Kanye demo tape recently surfaced, and features tracks that he made in 2001, pre-College Dropout.  Many of the songs we have already heard or are older versions of songs from The College Dropout, but there are also some never-before-heard tracks. It’s not that I don’t like Kanye’s new music, it’s just that his older stuff was different. Check it out for yourself below.

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The Mighty Fall (feat. Big Sean) – Fall Out Boy


You might be confused about why there is new music from Fall Out Boy on a blog with “Hip Hop” in the title. Well, because Big Sean is featured. Now it is fair to be really confused about how this collab happened, although Fall Out Boy did recently release another song featuring 2 Chainz. I read these collabs might be because Fall Out Boy is from Chicago, so G.O.O.D. Music boss Kanye West is putting his label’s artists on tracks with a band from his hometown. Anyway, I enjoyed the song more than I thought I would. Fall Out Boy isn’t something I would normally listen to, but I had no problem getting through their part of the track, and it was actually pretty cool to hear Sean rap over a non-hip-hop beat. You can listen for yourself below.

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