Truckers (feat. Jeff Replay) [Music Video] – Cam Meekins

To celebrate the release of his album, Lamp City, today, Cam also gave us this music video for Truckers. The song appears on Lamp City and features Jeff Replay of Boston collective Pilot Nation. Truckers was definitely one of the standouts from Cam’s album. The hook is unlike anything I’ve ever heard, the verses are sick as usual, and Cam produced the beat himself. The beat has Cam’s traditional feel, but it also seems a little different, almost as if it’s more in your face. The music video is cool, too. I find it awesome that a lot of Cam’s music videos are just him hanging out and having fun with his friends; it makes him that much more real, relatable, and humble. Everyone be sure to pick up a copy (or 5) of Lamp City.


Lamp City (Album) – Cam Meekins


Last night at midnight, Cam finally dropped his debut album, Lamp City. I have not heard the whole project yet, but what I have heard so far is exactly what I was hoping for: extremely real and relatable raps and Cam’s nice flow over solid production. Only three songs on the album have features, which come from Stizzy, Jeff Replay (twice), and Skizzy Mars. It’s really impressive that Cam could put out a 14-track effort with only three features, and I love that we get to hear more from Cam himself as a result. He also handled a lot of the production on his own, which again deserves major respect in my opinion. This is an incredible debut from a truly great artist, and I encourage everyone to give it a listen and download Lamp City on iTunes here.

Lamp City Family (Music Video) – Cam Meekins

Cam released this song a few days ago, and yesterday he released this music video to go with the single. After listening to the song more, I think it is the best cut we have heard off of Lamp City so far. I also liked the video; it’s simple but I always appreciate artists who look like they’re having a blast hanging out with the people who have supported them since the beginning. Lamp City drops on May 21, but I encourage you all to go preorder the album here now.