Rollin’ (feat. Stef Lang) [Music Video] – iSH

I feel like I can’t post any more summer music today, but when I saw this new music video from iSH, I couldn’t help myself. It’s been a long wait, but we finally get the visuals for iSH’s hit song Rollin’. Let me say first of all that this song gets better every single time I listen to it, and that Stef Lang’s hook is literally perfect. The video just makes the track even better. Music videos are so much more real and enjoyable to me if the artists look like they are having a good time in the video, and iSH looks like he is having a blast in this video. Rollin’ is the type of track (and now video) that make me believe that iSH has a great future ahead of him making music. I encourage everyone to support this great artist and purchase Rollin’ on iTunes here.


Dreams & Nightmares (Music Video) – Nile Ross

I found this song from Nile Ross yesterday, and it is fire. The track is about Nile’s struggle to be recognized for the awesome music he makes. He really says it best with the description he wrote for the music video:

“Thank you to everyone whos given me courage to make this music my dream. This song is important to me because it completely tells where I am right now in my career and how no one can tell me anything different anymore about who I am. Also it shows how close I am with my VAV Crew and how you friendship is what keeps you grounded in this industry.”

Nile definitely gets this point across with his on point lyrics, and the production is solid. I would love to compare Nile’s sound to some other great rapper, but his style is very unique and is really his own. He also got a sweet music video courtesy of Cory Davis. Don’t forget to download Dreams & Nightmares here, and stay on the lookout for more great music from Nile to come. In the meantime, check out Nile and his Victory After Victory squad at

Girls of Summer (Music Video) – YONAS

YONAS just dropped off these visuals to accompany Girls of Summer, one of the lead singles from his upcoming mixtape, The Transition 2. The track really is a great summer jam. Everything from the production to YONAS’s flow and lyrics just put you in a happy, summer mood. The music video also seems very fun and carefree. This definitely has me excited to hear The Transition 2 tomorrow!

Chasing Down a Dream (feat. Devvon Terrell) – Futuristic

I just came across this video this morning, and it was so good that I ended up listening to a bunch of Futuristic’s music. Chasing Down a Dream is off Futuristic’s recent album of the same name (you can purchase the album on iTunes here). Devvon Terrell’s hook fits perfectly with the upbeat instrumental produced by AKT Aktion. In a way it’s too bad the song is so catchy, because that will prevent some listeners from realizing that Futuristic spit some awesome verses. Devvon and Futuristic directed and produced the video themselves, which I think is really cool. After hearing this and listening to more of Futuristic, I will definitely be on the lookout for more great music from him in the future (get it?).

Truckers (feat. Jeff Replay) [Music Video] – Cam Meekins

To celebrate the release of his album, Lamp City, today, Cam also gave us this music video for Truckers. The song appears on Lamp City and features Jeff Replay of Boston collective Pilot Nation. Truckers was definitely one of the standouts from Cam’s album. The hook is unlike anything I’ve ever heard, the verses are sick as usual, and Cam produced the beat himself. The beat has Cam’s traditional feel, but it also seems a little different, almost as if it’s more in your face. The music video is cool, too. I find it awesome that a lot of Cam’s music videos are just him hanging out and having fun with his friends; it makes him that much more real, relatable, and humble. Everyone be sure to pick up a copy (or 5) of Lamp City.

T-I-P (Music Video) – Hendersin

Massachusetts rapper Hendersin recently dropped off this new song and music video. The song is sick; Hendersin’s lyrics and flow are awesome and the chopped and screwed hook was cool too. Hendersin produced the great beat himself, which makes me respect him and the song a lot more. The video was directed by Hunter Lyon, but to be honest I have no idea what the concept behind it is. Check it out above and see if you can figure it out, and don’t forget that Henny in Ya System drops on May 29.

Lamp City Family (Music Video) – Cam Meekins

Cam released this song a few days ago, and yesterday he released this music video to go with the single. After listening to the song more, I think it is the best cut we have heard off of Lamp City so far. I also liked the video; it’s simple but I always appreciate artists who look like they’re having a blast hanging out with the people who have supported them since the beginning. Lamp City drops on May 21, but I encourage you all to go preorder the album here now.