Rollin’ (feat. Stef Lang) [Music Video] – iSH

I feel like I can’t post any more summer music today, but when I saw this new music video from iSH, I couldn’t help myself. It’s been a long wait, but we finally get the visuals for iSH’s hit song Rollin’. Let me say first of all that this song gets better every single time I listen to it, and that Stef Lang’s hook is literally perfect. The video just makes the track even better. Music videos are so much more real and enjoyable to me if the artists look like they are having a good time in the video, and iSH looks like he is having a blast in this video. Rollin’ is the type of track (and now video) that make me believe that iSH has a great future ahead of him making music. I encourage everyone to support this great artist and purchase Rollin’ on iTunes here.


Indicud – Kid Cudi


Kid Cudi’s new album, Indicud, officially released today. Yes I am aware that it leaked a few weeks ago, but I didn’t want to download it yet out of respect for Cudi. I encourage everyone to buy the album and support a true artist. I have only gotten a chance to listen to a little bit of the album yet, and I like what I’ve heard but it hasn’t sounded to me like it can match the original Man on the Moon. I’m still hopeful though that as I listen to more of the songs, it will bring back that old Cudi feel.

How Many Drinks (Remix) [feat. Kendrick Lamar] – Miguel


Miguel let go of this remix to How Many Drinks?, which was originally on his album, Kaleidoscope Dream. While Miguel is not a rapper, working with K. Dot will definitely get you attention from the rap community. Miguel R&B is smooth, and Kendrick absolutely kills his voices. The way he changes his voice in different songs is insane, and the voice he uses here goes well with the beat. As always, his lyrics are also on point. You can listen below, but you’ll have to head to iTunes for the download if you’re feeling this one.

Listen on HotNewHipHop:

Artist Spotlight: Gonz

Gonz is an up and comer from Philadelphia. His rapping is great, and he can also switch it up and go for more of and R&B/singing type feel. Gonz makes really unique music, but the way he successfully sings and raps reminds me most of Kid Cudi. Alive is the first single off of Gonz’s upcoming mixtape, Winter Fever. It will be his second mixtape, following up the release of his freshman project, Gonz, in 2010. Keep on the lookout for Winter Fever to drop in May, and be sure to hit up Gonz in as many ways as you like below.

Gonz’s Official Website:

Twitter: @GonzMusic