J. Cole Announces Born Sinner Release Date

J. Cole finally revealed today that his upcoming sophomore album, Born Sinner, will release on June 25. The album was originally rumored to have a release date of this past January in honor of Cole’s birthday, but he said he wanted to take the time to perfect it. The album is a follow-up to 2011’s Cole World: Sideline Story. While that album was still better than the music most rappers are capable of producing, it was, in my opinion, not as impressive as his mixtapes, Friday Night Lights and The Warm Up. Cole has stated that his label pressured him to make his debut album more mainstream-friendly. Luckily, he says he was given more creative freedom with Born Sinner, so hopefully he can get back to making material on the level of his earlier projects. The Fayetteville, NC rapper released Truly Yours, a 5-song compilation of tracks that didn’t make the album, in February. Those songs were sick, so I can’t wait to see what actually made the cut for the album.

Cole also announced on Twitter today that the music video for his single Power Trip (off of Born Sinner) will release tomorrow. A lyric video had previously been released, but it was just to tide fans over until the music video dropped.


3 thoughts on “J. Cole Announces Born Sinner Release Date

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